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I’ve just finished reading Paulo Coelho’s Zahir. Strange but there is no other book that would already be waiting for me (or even I would’ve already start reading it)… Whenever I’ve got nothing special to do when being in city centre, I visit book store. The big one, Konzorcij. Sometimes I do enter Geonavtik, but that bookstore is far from being my favorite. In contrary I enjoy crawling through ex Vale Novak at Wolfova street and both bookstores at Čopova street, especially the top floor of Mladinska knjiga. Oh and the other day I found new bookstore at Trubarjeva street! I always buy books, libraries I don’t like at all. I’m too stupid to be able to find something interesting in there… too many books, I don’t understand the system. Besides, I never know any titles or authors’ names, I have to see the book, touch it and I guess feel it in order to decide to read it. So libraries are not for me, bookstores are. I usually read few books at one time. I don’t know why, I tried not to, but I’m always tooooooo curious to be able to wait for one book to finish and start reading another one. I don’t always read all the books I buy. Some books I just can’t get through them… so I leave them, maybe one day I’ll find them more interesting. I hate lending my books to others, just because it happens that I don’t get them back anymore. You’ll say “you have already read the book, why would you need it back” and I would respond “You don’t understand…”. However, I keep lending them to anyone who is interested in reading any of them. I usually forgot to whom I lended a book and so it happens that I have no idea where my James Redfiled’s Celestine Vision is? Rhonda Byrne’s The secret I’ve got back just recently after 3 years… Probably just because I have remembered to whom I gave it to. And I’ll be after Sergio Bambaren’s Dolphin untill it’s back on my shelf, nevertheless it’s my favourite story! I even got a tattoo of a dolphin on my neck after reading it for couple of times 🙂 When buying a book, I usually choose the one that has been recommended to me. By my friends, colleagues, I see people on the street (more often on the beach) reading it, by the-top-10-shelf in a store, by some magazine or it is simply put in a windowshop. I always read the short description at the back of the book and then I decide to buy it or not. Some books I buy the same moment I take them in my hands, some books I pass a lot of times, I read the short description over and over again, I go through them hundreds of times and then one day maybe I buy them. I find a book a beautiful gift. I would usually buy it to my friends, though it is very difficult to choose which book would be the right one, do people fancy the books as much as I do, will they like my gift… The other day one girl said that she always reads books in original language. I wonder how she reads some Chinese authors then…?! However, I realized that I prefer reading books in Slovenian. In other languages (in English as well) I simply get lost (more often).

Have I ever told you about my dream of having my very own little bookstore & coffee shop in one? Somewhere close to the ocean… 🙂

Some other books that can be found on my bookshelf are Lonely Planet travel guides (I collect them 🙂 ), Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Veronika decides to die (in Portugese 🙂 ), The witch of Portobello (I didn’t really get what he wanted to say with this book) and The Valkyries,  Ekhart Tolle’s The power of now, few books from Richard Bach (my favourite author next to P.C.), Randy Pausch’s Last lecture (very sad one), Knjiga o Bambusu from Vladimir Bajac, Elisabeth Gilbert’s Eat, pray, love (I was in Bali when Julia Roberts and the crew were shooting the movie based on this book and my favourite beach and surfspot were closed to public for a whole week), few cookbooks (I love buying them, though I never cook…), Marlo Morgan’s Mutant massage down under, Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, Teachings of the ocean from my friend Jernej Rakušček, Laird Hamilton’s (big wave surfer) Force of nature (surfers Bible could this be), different manuals on meditation (though they don’t work for me I guess), yoga, surfing, photography and many more…

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