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My New Year’s Resolutions

“A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects or the reforming of a habit.” At least that is what Wikipedia says… I write resolutions every year. I usually lose them and forget about them in first two weeks of a new year. Maybe because I never listed “follow the new year’s resolutions” resolution among them?!

It’s the end of the year, not long and we will enter 2013. I am happy where I am and the way I am, but there is always room for improvement 🙂 . So here we go… In 2013 I will:

  1. follow new year’s resolutions!
  2. never make the same mistake twice (three times, four times…)
  3. bring a reusable bag to the store
  4. buy parmesan cheese to sprinkle it over my pasta
  5. recycle properly
  6. think before I speak
  7. respect
  8. never give up
  9. become a hip-hop star
  10. become baking expert
  11. go just one day without chocolate
  12. reconnect with an old friend
  13. be patient
  14. learn to meditate
  15. do the vipassana meditation course
  16. grow mint
  17. ride a barrel
  18. read an (auto)biography
  19. buy a business suit (and wear it)
  20. go out in high heels
  21. get lost
  22. (finally) learn to whistle
  23. make a paper airplane
  24. sleep under the stars
  25. learn about stars
  26. enjoy every minute
  27. call mom and dad more often, send text to my granny more often, e-mail my sister more often, poke my friends more often
  28. play lottery
  29. laugh even more
  30. take public transportation more often
  31. run longer distances
  32. surf bigger waves
  33. accept
  34. draw
  35. leave a large tip
  36. eat healthy
  37. plant a tree
  38. be remarkable
  39. pick up new dance moves
  40. follow an advise
  41. update my blog more often
  42. make pancakes more often
  43. play
  44. every now and then just stop and take a big breath
  45. inspire
  46. improve
  47. start a day with yoga
  48. be creative
  49. write a short story
  50. be brave
  51. travel
  52. pay it forward
  53. participate
  54. volunteer
  55. have fun
  56. love my life
  57. sing more often
  58. show gratitude
  59. send a handwritten letter to a friend
  60. make a proper photo album
  61. visit a museum
  62. ride bike
  63. throw a coin in a fountain
  64. solve the rubik’s cube
  65. perform random acts of kindness
  66. don’t be afraid of long recipes
  67. dress up
  68. love
  69. kiss & hug
  70. improve my English
  71. be available
  72. learn to tie a tie
  73. be true to myslef and others
  74. be honest
  75. just do it
  76. be more tolerant
  77. be productive
  78. start a career
  79. see the good in people
  80. build a bird-house
  81. don’t bite nails
  82. be spontaneous
  83. appreciate simple things
  84. appreciate nature
  85. appreciate free time
  86. appreciate
  87. go to a live concert
  88. be carefree
  89. join a sailing club
  90. get silky underwear
  91. compose a song
  92. listen
  93. observe
  94. drink more water
  95. say hi to a stranger
  96. throw a party
  97. give more compliments
  98. read instructions
  99. return missed calls
  100. start a collection
  101. ………………………………….. (any other suggestions?)

It seems 2013 will be a busy year 🙂 …

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