Coconut in New Zealand

Lost and found

My working visa was about to expire. I couldn’t wait! I was working a lot for past few months  (at least according to my standards) and I was more than ready for holidays. Who wouldn’t be? Few months of doing nothing but surfing? Hell yeah!

My holidays finally started. Surfing every day, running, working out, I finally had time to read all the books that were on my to-read-list, I started drawing, baking (definitely not one of my talents), I was even thinking about learning to play a guitar (luckily I never made this happen), the house couldn’t be cleaner, etc. I had all the time in this world, finally, and I could spend it in Raglan, my favorite place! But I wasn’t happy… I hated it actually. I was bored and lonely. I missed my family, I missed my home. I was lost, in paradise though, but still lost :(.

I needed a plan. I needed to know what I’m going to do in the future. Should I stay in Raglan or should I go traveling? Where should I go traveling? Should I go back home or should I stay in NZ? How could I stay here? And what am I going to do here if I manage to stay? What am I going to do in Slovenia if I go back there? What do I want to do? What do I want to do in my life  (question, I am quite  familiar with…)? Aaaaaaaaaaaa… Too  many questions! Too much time to think!

352068639_man_question_mark_xlargeIn all this mess that was going on in my head I decided to look for a job. If I stay in NZ, what would I like to do here? What could I do here? I am really over with being a waitress and I am a hopeless barista (my coffee just sucks), I need something that would involve my brain (not too much though) and I need some challenges in my life (other than surf overhead Indies). I can’t do law here, so what could I do? I asked myself all these questions before, but for the first time in my life I was actually able to answer them. Now all I needed was to see, where will these answers bring me to. So I looked for a job, found few I was interested in and sent applications. “I don’t really have much else to do anyway.”

“Hey Lana, we are calling to invite you to a group interview. Will you come?” Panic! What the hell is group interview?! What will they ask me?  What will I have to say? And what should I wear?? I don’t really have many office clothes with me…  “Hm… Thank you so much for the invitation! Of course I will come over! See you soon!” And so it started. The interview was not that bad, it was actually really interesting. The company and job description (creating conferences) sounded awesome and definitely something I would like to be part of. But (there’s always a but)… there was an assignment that I had to do. In due time. Uffffff. Sitting at the desk, using computer for something else but just e-mails and Facebook and trying to think was not an easy task after more than a year of holidays! I think I need a toilet… Hm, I feel hungry now… I really need another glass of water… I haven’t done any stretching today…. Uuuuu, surf looks good, I can’t miss that and there’s hardly anyone in the water… I really need to tidy up my room… And the house… I really need to run to supermarket… I have no idea how I managed to finish the project but I did it. And I was on my way to my second interview (after all the stress caused by choosing a non-beach-looking outfit for it). A week later I received a call: “Congratulations! We really liked your work and we would like you to be part of our team, so we are offering you the job!” “O  wow… hmmmm… aaa… that’s very kind of you… aaa… there’s just one small problem… I’m just a tourist and I’m not allowed to work…”

Aaaaaaaa, how did this happen?!? All I wanted was maybe some positive feedback! Do I really want to start working again?? Already? I kind of enjoy my holidays… I guess… Or not?

I was scarred… but also very excited about the news! The feeling was amazing. But I needed to get work visa first (and few office-style clothes right after). I couldn’t do it without Wes, his help, support and love…! And without other friends who make me feel like home in NZ. And without my family who supports my decision and wish to stay here although they miss me (and I  miss them) and sometimes it would be heaps easier if we would be just a bit closer. But yeah, I was lucky once more and I got a visa for another year! Stoked  :).

What next? Well, as I applied for a job I didn’t really encounter that I might actually get it. And I didn’t encounter that I will actually have to move to Auckland, in case I get it. Auckland? I spent there three days last year and to be honest, I hated it. The truth is I didn’t come much further than Queens Street. And I’m sure the city has much more to offer! At the end of the day there is more than a million people living there, so there must be at least few other streets there :). I’m excited. Very excited actually! Excited to explore the city, excited to experience how it is to live in a million people city, looking forward to meet new people, to start working and using my brain again, looking forward to new challenges and new stories. Maybe I will like it, maybe I will hate it. I don’t know but I’m definitely ready for some new adventures 🙂

Auckland, here I come!



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