Coconut in New Zealand

On the other side of the harbour

Another hot summer Sunday but again, no waves 😦 . “Maybe we should drive to Ruapuke (an exposed beach south of Raglan that usually gets waves)?” “Naaaah, everyone will be there…”  “Should we go for a run?” “Naaaah, too hot and not that much fun!” “What about going for a swim?”  “Hell no, there are sharks… everywhere…” “Whatever… OK then… Swellmap says Mussel Rock would  be perfect. Should we go there?”  Yeeeeeeeeeeeey, let’s go there!!!!” “Hm, do you think you’re fit enough??”

Mussel Rock is a looooooooong beach north of Raglan, just across the harbour. It  is more exposed, like Ruapuke, so it usually gets more waves, but unlike Ruapuke, it doesn’t attract many people. Namely, if you don’t have a boat or a jetski, it is quite a mission to reach the beach…

Mussel RockWe parked a car and put on wetsuits, tucked small water bottle and few chocolate bars under the wetsuits, put on leashes and started paddling across the harbour. Luckily, a friend passed by in a small boat as we were half way through. He drove us to the other side, but the mission has only just started. There was about an hour long walk in front of us, along the beach, on a hot and soft sand. Just before the “finish line” we had to cross a rocky headland, with the waves smashing straight into it. “Paddle fast, wait for the set, climb on the rock, be quick, and run (carefully, because it’s slippery and uneven) to the other side! Got it?” “Uhmmm, I guess…” I felt like a ninja turtle!

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-2012-NickelodeonWe reached the final destination: a beautiful, of a perfect size, A-frame wave offering a long left ride, with a slight off-shore wind to support it. And the best of all, just 5 of us there! I kept telling myself to paddle slowly, to skip some waves, to  pace myself, in order to be able to surf as long as possible. After nearly two-hour wave-after-wave-session, I couldn’t get up on my board anymore, my shoulders were burning, my arms couldn’t lift me anymore, my legs were too slow. I had to paddle in. I was lying in hot sand, knackered but happy! “Oh nooooo, I still have to come all the way back…”  That wouldn’t take off a smile of my face though 🙂

After climbing some rocks and walking on a  hot soft sand along the beach we reached the harbour. “Hm, this is gonna be interesting…” On the outgoing tide the water was just running out of the harbour, straight into the ocean. And my arms were dead… Luckily there was another friend passing by in a boat so we could catch a ride home. If not, I would probably be still floating somewhere in the middle of Tasmanian sea, my ninja turtle powers were long gone… 🙂

2013-01-26 19.23.12


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