Coconut in New Zealand

Towards the end of the year

I opened the mail box and there it was – a yellow bag that I have been impatiently waiting for past few weeks. A letter from the Immigration office. What will it say? Can I stay in New Zealand a bit longer? I eagerly opened the bag. My heart was beating faster and faster. Where is the passport? Where is the visa in it? What does it say? Finally, “congratulations, your visa has been granted, you are welcome to enjoy New Zealand for another year”. Jupiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I got it!! I can stay here a bit longer! Ou yeah! I ran back to the house telling Wes and my flatmates the good news. I ran to the neighbours and told them the same news, still very excited. I called my parents, woke them up in the middle of the night screaming of excitement. I posted the news on Facebook, of course. And I took Wes out for lunch – it’s a celebration time! For the whole day I felt the happiest and the luckiest girl in the world. And there is no better feeling than that!

The next day I walked to the mail box again. And there was another parcel waiting for me. This time a big box from Slovenia. Woooaaaaa, a Santa from the other side of the world brought some Christmas presents! I was again super excited and frantically started opening the box. “What are you doing? These are the Christmas presents and the Christmas is not until next week. Put the box under the tree and you’ll open it when it’s the time for that.” I think I was just told off… With my head bowed deep down I put the parcel under the Christmas tree and walked to my room. Maybe he’s right…

What time is it? 2 am? How much longer do I have to sleep? I don’t feel tired anymore… Is my box still under the tree? Do I really have to wait for another week? I guess so… Now go back to sleep.

15 minutes later… What time is it now? 2:15 am? What if there are chocolates in the box? I bet there are chocolates in there! I know my mum would send me chocolate. I can’t leave it under the tree, the chocolate will melt! It’s about 25 degrees in Raglan at the moment and the tree is right under the window that gets full day sun. And what if there is something else in the box (there must be, the box was to big for only chocolates to be in it) and the chocolate packaging is damaged and the melted chocolate would stain my other presents? Then I would end up with nothing. I can’t let this happen! Besides, I can just take the presents out of the box and put the empty box back under the tree, no one will notice…

After the hard battle with my conscious I decided to open the box. I’m 31 years old, I can do whatever I want 🙂 The box was full of chocolates. I knew it! And luckily I haven’t left it under the tree, I praised myself. There were also two huge backs of Cokolino. Aaaaaaaaa, finally! Did I mention I was 31 years old… And a beautiful shirt, and a book, and another book. There was also a card, from my parents. And there was a calendar. DIY one. My mum made it for me. She selected a bunch of photos of me and my family and organised them in a beautiful little calendar. I went through the calendar once, the second time, the third time, once more. First I was surprised by the selection of photos, then I laughed at them (my mum couldn’t find funnier photos of our family). Tears filled up my eyes. First tears of lough, then tears of sadness. I ended up sitting in the dark, sobbing quietly – I miss my family! I miss my home! I don’t want to be in New Zealand any more. I want to go back. I woke up Wes and he just hugged me. “Don’t worry Nipper, it’s this time of the year. I’ve been away for 8 years and still feel the same every time the year ends. Go back to sleep now. Tomorrow is another day. It’s summer here, the waves are pumping and you’ve obviously got enough chocolate to keep you happy for a while!” Pause. “Didn’t I tell you not to open the box yet?” Ups 🙂

Wes was right. I woke up in a beautiful day and started it with a fun morning surf and a biiiig hug right after. I know why I’m here and I am not alone! And my parents are just a click away…

Christmas time

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