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New Year’s Resolutions: that time of the year again

The end of the year is also time for new year’s resolutions. I wrote them last year, and the year before, and before. I don’t know, it seem a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

Before I start thinking of my goals for the 2014, I decided to look back at my last year’s resolutions. Were they just a rainy-afternoon-fun or have I actually followed them?

1. Follow new year’s resolutions! –Β Hm… I wrote them, I posted them in a blog so I wouldn’t forget about them and lose them and so I would be able to refer back to them, but… So far, they just seem to be a rainy-afternoon-fun πŸ™‚

2. Never make the same mistake twice (three times, four times…) – I think this is a goal that everyone should strive for. Probably I will never accomplish that resolution and will never be able to tick it off, but I think trying to do so is just as important. This one therefore stays on the 2014 resolutions list!

3. Bring a reusable bag to the store – I tried, I promise. Every now and then I actually remember and manage to walk in the supermarket with my own bag. Even then I buy more stuff that I could fit in one bag and I end up walking out of the store with few plastic bags anyway. However, I will keep working on this one!


4. Buy parmesan cheese to sprinkle it over my pasta – DONE

5. Recycle properly – Raglan has a really advanced and very strict recycling system. If you don’t follow the rules of Extreme Waste, they leave the items that are not put in the right box or that are not washed properly or something else behind. Being here for two years I still haven’t completely figured out what to do with certain things and coming home on Monday afternoon is always a bit exciting: Did they take everything this time? Oh noooo, not again, what’s wrong with this bottle? Keep trying, maybe 2014 is the year!

6. Think before I speak – Too hard…

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln

7. Respect – Could always improve…

8. Never give up

9. Become a hip-hop star – I really like this idea but I haven’t really done much in this direction. And probably I won’t do much more in the following year. I still believe I have the talent though…Β 

10. Become baking expert – I can’t really call myself an expert…


11. Go just one day without chocolate – Not just one day, 7 weeks! I don’t know what I was thinking though. This resolution definitely won’t be listed again!

12. Reconnect with an old friend – Dasa, does our quick chat the other day count?

13. Be patient – Still not good at it… Every time I am in the water, sitting in a line up and waiting for waves I keep telling myself to be patient. I give up and paddle closer in to get smaller waves. Right after I do it, the set comes… I knew I should have waited just a bit longer!

14. Learn to meditate – I tried and will do it again! I am still far away from being good, but the first step has been done. The first time I enjoyed it and found it not too difficult, the next time I suffered and struggled and instead of leaving my meditation class relaxed, I was nervous and hot and feeling sick. Slowly I will find out what suits me and what not, till then I will keep re-listing this resolution.

15. Do the vipassana meditation course – Maybe one day…

16. Grow mint – Mint grows itself! I tried with strawberries as well: the first one was eaten by a bird, the next three I have managed to get before him and must say they were delicious. I followed an advise of a friend after that and the plant died…

17. Ride a barrel – Getting closer πŸ™‚

18. Read an (auto)biography – Read few good books but not a biography.

19. Buy a business suit (and wear it) – I did it!!! And I actually feel good in it. Maybe things like that come with the age… πŸ™‚

20. Go out in high heels – FAIL. They are just not comfortable. And not very appropritae for Raglan either…

21. Get lost – Every single time I have to drive around Auckland… I don’t think I appreciate this resolution that much anymore…

22. (Finally) learn to whistle – FAIL. It’s just not my thing.

23. Make a paper airplane – Just made one, just to able to tick that one off πŸ™‚

24. Sleep under the stars – does seeing the starts through the window from my own bed count?

25. Learn about stars – One day…

26. Enjoy every minute – Most of them!

27. Call mom and dad more often, send text to my granny more often, e-mail my sister more often, poke my friends more often – DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE

28. Play lottery – Really?

29. Laugh even more – Ha ha, is that possible? πŸ™‚

30. Take public transportation more often – Does the plane count as a public transportation?

31. Run longer distances – I run and I run a lot. And I am proud of it! Maybe the distances are not that long but I finally enjoy running and that is one of the biggest achievements in my life!

32. Surf bigger waves – Hm, still scared but…

33. Accept

34. Draw – Ha ha, do you wanna see my drawings???

1ffbea38-7eb7-4f61-af7a-d124666ee614wallpaper35. Leave a large tip – FAIL. I don’t think New Zealand is a big tipping nation… though this shouldn’t not be my excuse!

36. Eat healthyΒ – Trying. And I believe chocolate is healthy!

37. Plant a tree – I planted a sunflower.

38. Be remarkable – DONE, if you ask me… πŸ™‚

39. Pick up new dance moves – I should be dancing more!


40. Follow an advise – I did and my strawberry plant died…

41. Update my blog more often – I wasn’t too bad, was I?

42. Make pancakes more often – There never enough of pancakes!

43. Play – Always!

44. Every now and then just stop and take a big breath – I actually do.

45. Inspire – I’m not the one to judge that one, but hopefully there is someone who gets inspired by me.

46. Improve – We can always do better!

47. Start a day with yoga – I started three days in 2013 with yoga! 6.30 winter morning yoga sessions with 27 rounds of sun salutations. It was pretty fun!

48. Be creative – I have “created” our Christmas tree decoration…


49. Write a short story – FAIL

50. Be brave – Not exactly how I feel when I paddle out on a big day…

51. TravelΒ 

52. Pay it forward – I think this is a beautiful resolution and should strive for it even more!

53. Participate – DONE

54. Volunteer – I was volunteering at the local trade aid shop and I helped my friend Lisa with the Karioi Classic bike race. Volunteering takes time and it doesn’t bring any money, but it leaves you with a good feeling!

55. Have fun – DONE

56. Love my life – I do πŸ™‚

57. Sing more often – Uf, maybe I took this one a bit too seriously…

58. Show gratitude – Hope so.

59. Send a handwritten letter to a friend – FAIL. But I guess I still have a day or two to do so…

60. Make a proper photo album – I really should do that…

61. Visit a museum – FAIL, unfortunately.

62. Ride a bike – Sometimes.

63. Throw a coin in a fountain – Hm, to be honest I can’t remember about this one… Maybe. Maybe not.

64. Solve the rubik’s cube – Ha ha, I wish!

65. Perform random acts of kindness

66. Don’t be afraid of long recipes – Did I tell you the story about my pumpkin soup? My friend asked me to cook a pumpkin soup. Buy a pumpkin and a sour cream on the way home, was written in his text. I came home and there was Jamie’s book on a table, opened on a page with a pumpkin soup recipe. I quickly looked at it and realised that it doesn’t require any sour cream. I’m pretty sure Poss didn’t want me to make this soup… Besides, the recipe is a whole page long and he knows I’m not good at following recipes. So I did the pumpkin soup on my own. I removed seeds. I scooped out pumpkin meet, as much as I could (though there was still about 2cm of pumpkin left). I added some salt and pepper and even found vege stock cubes. Hm, how much of that should I put in? It sais 1 cube per 250ml. I have heaps more but I’m pretty sure they don’t want me to flick in 8 cubes of that?? I think I read somewhere that tis stock is not really good for your health… At the end I add sour cream, after all Poss told me to bought it. Let’s try this soup! Hm… it’s not the very best soup I have ever tried, but it’s all right… I guess. Poss returned back home all excited about my pumpkin soup. Have you cooked it? Of course I did? Pumpkin soup? Sure, that’s what you asked me to do. But… why is all the pumpkin left on the bench? What exactly did you put in? Well, I couldn’t get more out of it so I thought what I have is enough. And no, i didn’t follow the recipe, it seemed way too long and too complicated to me and it didn’t involve sour cream. So I thought… Ah Lana, tomorrow we will have a cooking lesson – how to make a pumpkin soup! Let’s go get some pizza tonight…

67. Dress up – DONE

68. Love

69. Kiss & hug

70. Improve my English – Slowly. Although I still don’t get the word THE.

71. Be available – I have no idea what I meant with this one…

72. Learn to tie a tie – I haven’t even tried.

73. Be true to myself and others – DONE. Sometimes even too much πŸ™‚

74. Be honest

75. Just do it – Maybe I should follow this resolution a bit less and more often think first before I just do it πŸ™‚

76. Be more tolerant – Be even more.

77. Be productive – Working on it.

78. Start a career – DONE

79. See the good in people – Trying.

80. Build a bird-house – FAIL

81. Don’t bite nails – BIG FAIL 😦

82. Be spontaneous

83. Appreciate simple thingsΒ – I like this one!

84. Appreciate nature

85. Appreciate free time

86. Appreciate

87. Go to a live concert – It was more of a gig than a concert. Two guys playing in a local club on a Thursday night.

88. Be carefree

89. Join a sailing club – I tried. I went there once and I tried sailing. I enjoyed it but before I could commit it the sailing club closed over the winter time. I haven’t got back there yet. I guess I enjoy surfing and running too much to be willing to commit to another sport, at least at this stage.

90. Get silky underwear – Ha ha, I’m not telling you about this one πŸ˜‰

91. Compose a song – See a comment about writing a poem.

92. Listen

93. Observe

94. Drink more water – If I didn’t have to pee that much…

95. Say hi to a stranger – Every time I paddle to a line up or I see other people running.

96. Throw a party – I did. Lyndsey and I prepared an awesome birthday party for Bish. It went a bit out of control though…

97. Give more compliments – Even more!

98. Read instructions – FAIL. They are usually just too long and really boooring.

99. Return missed calls – Ups, sometimes I forget… Sorry!

100. Start a collection – Of what?

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: that time of the year again”

  1. To leto imam isti resoulution kot ti in ful bols delujoc racunalnik in skype kot lani. In se vedno sem velikokrat pokonc ob istem casu kot si ti. Tko bova letos izboljsale to! Lp iz pariza. Lucke

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