Coconut in New Zealand

Family time

Being able to hug my mum and dad after two and a half years was I N C R E D I B L E. Tears were pouring down my cheeks, yet I had the widest smile on my lips. To me it seemed as the time has stopped for a while (not for long enough though) and I wish we could stay in this moment. It is hard to be that far away, but totally worth the moments like this!

I hadn’t seen the rain for a whole month, until the day my parents arrived. I woke up into a big storm. There were power cuts in Auckland, traffic was almost stand still and windscreen wipers were on the super fast mode and still I struggled to see anything through… But the plane was on time! And that was all that matters. While driving to the airport, I was thinking… Where should we go first? What could we do in this weather? Somehow it didn’t cross my mind that my parents had been travelling for past 30 hours and that they might have been a little bit tired. Just a little bit 🙂 After we managed to get out of the airport, we drove to Raglan. First thing when we arrived, we made ourselves comfortable in couches, next to the fireplace and before I managed to explain the whole (rather intense) travel plan for the next couple of weeks, supported by maps, Lonely Planet and different tourist attractions brochures, my parents were fast asleep. Mum? Dad? What, you finally got a chance to see me and now you will sleep? I guess the tourist in me that finally got woken up will have to wait for a wee longer… 🙂

After they finally woke up… 🙂

In the following two weeks I showed my parents Raglan, the place I still consider my home in a way. I spent there the past two years, all my friends are there and the place simply grew on me. I took my parents to smelly Rotorua and we’ve visited the beautiful beaches of east coast. We explored Auckland together and discovered quite a few little gems. And we visited Wellington, very briefly but enough to create a nice memory of it. We only had a couple of weeks, but I believe we’ve made the most of the time available. And, after a long time I felt like a traveller again 🙂

photo 10

Unfortunately, the moment when we had to say goodbye arrived. Waaaaaaay to soon! And it was hard, as it always is. I guess I will never get used to goodbyes 😦 But actually, why would I??. Again I was in tears, just not the happy ones this time. If I could, I would just sit on the plane with my parents and go. I felt empty, sad, scared and lonely. Nothing seemed to have any sense anymore. Why am I here? What am I doing? What do I want? Where do I want to be? What do I want to do? Why…

“Lana, you have an amazing life here. You live in a beautiful place, you are surrounded by amazing people who care about you, you have endless opportunities here and we are sooooo proud of you and happy for you. Yes, it is a bit far away, but so what? We have Skype :)” I think I have the best parents in the whole wide world!

photo 42




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