Sweet Coconut

Winter splash in Queenstown

QT 1
New Zealand and its extreme weather changes. Why am I not surprised. We tried to land earlier but due to severe weather conditions our flight was diverted to Christchurch. After a couple of hours of sitting in the plane at the ChCh airport, the pilot decided to give it another shot. This time the weather could not be better. Luckily 🙂
QT 19
Finally we made it to Queenstown, ready to explore…
QT 18
Tiny little town by a massive lake surrounded by mountains. New Zealand’s version of Bohinj 🙂
QT 3
Coronet Peak. Snowy, windy, foggy, cold. Who cares 🙂
QT 5
After realising that we still rip, the smiles were out there 🙂
QT 6
And the sun followed! 
QT 16
Remarkables in all it’s beauty, the next morning.
QT 10
The view of the valley on the best day of the season (or so they say…).
QT 14
Ha ha, my favourite skiing resort in the southern hemisphere 🙂
QT 8
And I guess I’m not the only one… 🙂
QT 11
The fifth run down and our legs were burning!
QT 15
Feeling like the Queen of Queenstown 🙂
QT 13
Selfie, what else!




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