Coconut in New Zealand


When I first moved to Auckland, I pretty much hated it. I wrote a blog about it and someone commented on it:  “Auckland is not the easiest place… Still, I hope Auckland starts to win you over a little more, bit by bit.” My first thought? “Impossible! Never! This place sucks!” My second thought? “It still sucks!!” The next one? “Hm… maybe it’s not that bad… but no, it sucks!” Today? “This place is awesome, I looooove it!”

It helps that it’s summer. Life is just so much easier and more fun in summer.

It also helps that I have a relatively new job, that I work in the CBD where there is heaps of going on, that I do a lot of lunch time yoga and pilates, and that I start and finish my day on the water and don’t sit in a traffic at all.

The other reason why I enjoy Auckland is also, because I have made some really awesome friends, in particular Janez, Domen and Matic. Yes, all three of them Slovenians. I don’t know whether we started hanging out because we share the nationality and whether we would still hang out even if one would Austrian for example. I guess what keeps us together are the same level of craziness, the love for surf and the fact that we are all far far away from home.

“Hey, what are we doing this weekend?” “Surfing, duuuuh.” “Yeah, why am I even asking :).”

“Oh noooooo, I forgot chocolate at home, aaaaaaa…” “Here it is, help yourself!”

“I love pancakes. I love surfing. I love being on the beach.” “Well, we could have pancakes after surf on the beach?” “Yeeeeeees, I’ll make a dough!” “I’ll bring a stove and a pan!” “I’ll bring Nutella! Easy.”


“Oh no, there has been an accident… I guess we are stuck here for a while…” “We could turn and go for an ice cream and try again later?” “Or… water guuuuuun fiiiiiight!!”

When I don’t hang out with my Slovenian friends, I sail. About a year ago, Volvo Ocean Race stopped in Auckland. My flatmate and I wanted to watch the race, however we weren’t happy with watching it just from our deck. Heaps of smaller boats have namely come way closer to the track and watch it from the front row. “We should somehow go there…” “Well, we have one SUP, it should work…” The two of us, on one stand up paddle board, we managed to get very close to the track, we just haven’t thought about a very strong current that started sucking us towards the middle of the racing track. “Hm… I think we are in trouble…” Luckily, people on a small sailing boat anchored right next to us offered us to tie the SUP to their boat, jump on board and watch the race with them. I guess we skipped the opportunity to make the international (sailing world) news… :). Anyway, I was frothing over the little boat and expressed my desire to learn to sail. The guys appointed me to one of the sailing clubs in Westhaven, Auckland marina, that organises Friday night sailing races for beginners. I signed up, met a few skippers and boat owners, started sailing and the other day I trimmed the main sail for the first time. And I was hooked! So now, I want to become a sailor…


“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” Richard Bach


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