Coconut in New Zealand

The making of ‘potica’

Potica (Wikipedia calls it a Nut Roll…) is a traditional Slovenian sort-of-a-cake. It comes in a distinct shape, like a round flower with a hole in the middle. And it comes in different flavours, wallnut potica (maybe that’s why Wikipedia calls it a Nut Roll…), poppy seed potica or tarragon potica (my favourite!) being the most common ones.

Only grannies make potica and only for a special occasion (like birthdays or other family gatherings). It’s not something you would whip up on a rainy Sunday afternoon just because you’ve got nothing else to do (well, you can get it in every supermarket, but it’s not the same). Oh no. My granny would announce it a few days in advance. First, for us to get excited. And second, for us to stay away from the kitchen. “Stop eating the filling, what am I gonna put in potica?? And stop walking in and out of the kitchen, the dough will catch cold!!” Whatever this meant… But once it was done… mmmm…

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend…

Breda: “I made my first potica today!”

Lana: “What? You made potica? How? You’re not old enough to be able to make a potica???”

Breda: “No, no, I did it! All by myself. And it’s easy as! I’ll send one pack over to you, so you can make one as well!”

Lana (clearly confused): “You’re gonna send me a potica? In a pack?? All the way to New Zealand? And I will have to make it?? Me, at my young age? And me, not a very kitchen-savvy person? Have you fallen off of a pear tree (a traditional Slovenian saying)? ”

Lana (when the mail has finally arrived): “May the chicken kick me (a traditional Slovenian curse word), a potica in a mail!”

Kristina, a friend of my friend Breda, is a Slovenian designer. I haven’t quite figured out yet, what she has to do with poticas, but she designed and created these beautiful packages of ingredients and friendly instructions for making potica. Even I will be able to do it, or so I was told… And…

A potica-in-a-box has arrived to New Zealand…


Two little packages, add a few extra ingredients and follow the instructions…


Mixing the ingredients…


Rum? I need rum? Bacardi will do, I guess…


Uf, step one – done…


Ready to roll…


Rolling the dough (and yes, my kitchen is not fully equipped)…


Getting closer and closer…


Looking good…


More rolling….


Almost there…


And… voila!


Mmmm…. it is D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S 🙂 !


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