Coconut in Japan

13 Super Cool ‘Gadgets’ to experience when in Japan

  1. Japanese toilets. Well, it’s actually toilet seats. I never had so much fun using a toilet as I have it in Japan, it’s a real treatment to sit on the toilet here! The seat is heated, and when you finish doing what you came for it cleans and dries your bum. You can play with settings so you can adjust the treatment according to your needs (or pleasure).
  2. Vending machines. First, they are everywhere (in the middle of the city or on the top of the mountain). Second, they offer everything. And when I say everything, i mean it! Feel like soup? No problem, just toss a few coins in. Ice cream, stick or scoops? The vending machine has it all.
  3. Coin machines. Whenever you need to pay something in coins, you can be sure there is a coin machine somewhere nearby that changes your bills into necessary coins. Paying with coins has never been easier.
  4. Ordering machines in Japanese (super) fast food restaurants. If you think you order your food at a counter… well, you’re wrong. There is a machine, somewhere close by the entrance door, that accepts your order. By the time you approach the counter, the food is usually already waiting for you.
  5. Sushi train. Cause it’s fun!
  6. Speaking of food, Japanese convenient stores and their (already prepared) food selection is just rad! Unbelievable, very convenient, and a paradise for anyone who is feeling at least a little bit adventurous.
  7. Green tea (matcha and sencha, two most popular and highly regarded tea varieties). It is everywhere and in everything. As tea, hot or cold. In ice cream. In muffins, cookies, apfelstrudel, beef and veggie buns. And even as green tea snow. Yes, snow. I’m not sure why anyone would want to eat snow, even if it is green tea flavoured, but hey, there’s a lot of things I don’t understand in Japan 🙂 .
  8. Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and their Japanese limited edition selection. Green tea and red beans are two of my favourite!
  9. Shopping centres. Because they are f*** massive.
  10. “Carparks” for umbrellas. Umbrella stations maybe? In Japan, everyone walks around with an umbrella. If it’s sunny, to protect yourself from the sun. And if rainy… well, that one is obvious. And because walking around shops and restaurants with an umbrella is pretty inconvenient, you “park” your umbrella at the entrance, get a key and collect your umbrella upon your return. Easy.
  11. Powder rooms, f*** yeah! It’s a public toilet (in shopping centres or at train/bus stations) for women with a room designated to put on/adjust your make-up. It has everything, mirrors, chairs if needed, and beauty tables. They are full in the mornings!
  12. Shinkansen (bullet train). Sleek, extremely comfortable, and fast. Really fast. It puts me to sleep every single time.
  13. I’ll put these three as one, because they sort of serve the same purpose. Comic books coffee shops (manga kissa), where you rent a cubicle and watch anime and/or manga all days/nights long. Pachinko slots used as arcade games or gambling device. Claw crane centres (you insert coins and try grabbing a teddy bear of some sort), for anyone collecting plush toys. In case you run out of the ideas what to do in japan, they are a good way to kill some time.

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