Coconut in Japan

Japan through my eyes, or should I say lens?

A few months ago, my camera got stolen. Pretty inconvenient, but I wasn’t too bothered, I haven’t been really using it much lately. However, the closer I was to my trip to Japan, the more I was thinking about it. “Damn, now I could really use it!” Should I get a new one? Or should I just trust my phone? Since I was already on a tight budget, I came to a rational conclusion that buying a new camera is just not a wise thing to do.

But it really bothered me…

“No, I can do without the camera!”

While waiting for my plane at the Auckland Airport, I had some time to kill. I was bored so I was nosing around the duty free shops. “O-ou, the cameras corner… Just stay away from that part and you’ll be sweet…” Well, this didn’t happen. Of course I had my nose right in the latest Canon, Nicon and Sony models. And I would be sweet if it wasn’t for a really good sales person, who knew exactly what button to push. “So, you’re going on a trip? To Japan? O wow, that’s pretty cool, ey. So, what camera do you use?” My boarding time was getting closer and closer, so I found myself in this life-or-death situation… or at least so it felt! My breathing got faster and shallower, to the point I was nearly hyperventilating. Sweat drops appeared on my forehead. I could feel my heart racing and was just about to explode… “Fine, I’ll buy one!”

A few minutes later I walked on my plane with a brand new GoPro.

I eased myself into a seat. I got my breathing right again. And my brain switched back on, finally. “What has just happened? Have I just spent all my holiday money? How is this possible? And for what, a GoPro? I don’t even know how to use this thing? And now I will want to have Split Photo Dome Port as well! Aaaaaaaaaaa…” (and my breathing got faster and shallower again and my hear started racing again).

So this is the story. I came back home, still without photos. But I had endless amateur video clips to go through. “So, what am I supposed to do with these now?” Thanks to Rodrigo and his consultations over the phone (I find it way easier to ask the experts than reading through manuals), and Janez for sharing his tips and tricks with me, I managed to put together my very first little move. Yeeeeey, I think I deserve at least a nomination for an oscar if not the little troll itself :).

Anyway, here it is. Don’t judge, just enjoy 😉

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