50 ideas for different sponsorable assets

It has been mentioned a few times that rights holders should be creative when offering sponsorable assets to potential sponsors.

Sponsorable assets

On Power Sponsorship website I have found a comprehensive list of ideas for sponsorship property that goes beyond just logo displays. Here are my favourite ones:

  1. Naming rights (ownership of the event)
  2. Major sponsorship
  3. Supporting sponsorship
  4. Official product status
  5. Preferred supplier status
  6. Exclusivity
  7. License to use event logo or images for the sponsor’s promotion
  8. Merchandising rights
  9. Product endorsement
  10. Dedicated space at the event for on-site sponsorship activities
  11. Sampling and/or demonstration opportunities
  12. Exhibition space
  13. Provision of content for sponsor activities
  14. Access to venue, athletes, celebrities, artists, etc.
  15. Access to background information, statistics, photos, video clips, autographs, Q&As, etc.
  16. Promotion of relevant sponsor leverage activities through sponsee’s social media and other online activities
  17. Ability for sponsor to add value to sponsee fans/followers via social media (via content, promotion or contest)
  18. Links to sponsor website from sponsee website or sponsor profile on sponsee website
  19. Access to event, parking, or merchandise discounts for sponsor’s customers
  20. Early access to tickets for sponsor’s customers
  21. Venue signage
  22. Press conference signage
  23. Vehicle signage
  24. Event participant and/or event staff uniforms
  25. VIP tickets to the event for sponsor’s customers
  26. Celebrity meet-and-greets
  27. Access to or creation of what-money-can’t-buy experiences
  28. Development of customised hospitality events to suit the interests of the target market (high-end, adventurous, behind-the-scenes, for their families or kids etc)
  29. Input in venue, route and/or timing
  30. Use of sponsor venue
  31. Access to event-generated database
  32. Opportunity to provide inserts in sponsee mailings
  33. Participation in the event by sponsor’s employees or shareholders
  34. Creation of an event, day or program specifically for employees
  35. Creation of an employee donation or volunteer program
  36. Opportunity to set up an employee recruitment station at your event
  37. Inclusion in all press releases and other media activities
  38. Public relations campaign designed for sponsor’s market
  39. Custom-design of a new event, program, award or other activity that meets the sponsor’s specific needs
  40. Opportunity to provide prizes for media or event promotions
  41. Advertising on ticket backs
  42. Inclusion in all print, outdoor and/or broadcast advertising and other event promotional pieces and/or event programme
  43. Access to pre- and/or post-event research
  44. Right for sponsor to on-sell sponsorship benefits to another organisation
  45. Contra
  46. Design and/or production of key sponsor events
  47. Hiring and/or administration of temporary or contract personnel, services and vendors for above
  48. Logistical assistance, including technical or creative expertise
  49. Opportunity to involve sponsor’s preferred charitable organisation or cause
  50. Donation of a percentage of ticket or product sales to charity.

Can’t think of any more sponsorable assets you could offer to your sponsors? Contact us!

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